Case Studies

Five Points designed and developed My JumpVault and implemented the product in 2012 for Big Bend Community Based Care of Florida

Stage One: Initiating & Planning.

Big Bend formed a service learning project to work with youth on the experience of designing a technology solution and project management / time management lessons. Five Points proposed leading this effort from the technical solution.

Stage Two: Design.

Big Bend hosted meetings with youth, staff, and Five Points to discuss the viability, purpose, and use of the system. Topics discussed included security, access, ages, contents, technical infrastructure, user interface, and system look and feel. From these weekly meetings, Five Points completed the functional specifications.

Stage Three – Development & Internal Testing.

Five Points completed the technical specifications and formed the team to complete the development, infrastructure and unit testing for the application. Internal testing of the system was initiated during this stage that also included testing of the security features. Five Points designated “Youth Super Users” who began testing the application, and providing feedback to Five Points in order to ensure appropriate functionality and use of the system.

Stage Four: Execution & Implementation.

Five Points trained each youth and case worker. We also worked side by side with each IL specialist to begin developing each youth’s “vault” through documentation and records from FSFN. Five Points developed the software components and set up the hosting environment. Our team designed the multiple view welcome pages for various user roles as well as appropriate youth, staff, and administrative logins; and multiple data reports for the management and administrative users.